Pick-Me-Up: Grace Answers Our Cries

© 2015 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed.  The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much,” ~James 5:16


© 2016 Lynn Abbott

It was one of those weeks when every lil’ thing hits the fan.

Then, the sewage pump suddenly made an alarming racket. Translation:  sewage could potentially back up into the house.

I was just walking out the door to an art gallery appointment.

Terrible timing.

I imagined kitchen disposal waste backing up into my home.  And worse.

Throughout the morning, I frantically telephoned my 21-year-old.  A typical collegian, he slept late.  But I had to warn him: “Don’t take a shower until I can contact the plumber!”

When he finally answered my call, he said, “I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t hear the phone because I was in the shower…”


Mass destruction loomed and I was away.  My son needed to get out.  Immediately.

I sent up what I like to call a “Nehemiah prayer”… a quick and desperate cry. Prayer from the trenches.

Yeah, when storms gather, you kick into high gear.

Especially if your family is sleeping and unaware of danger.

Abraham prayed in a similar way for his nephew Lot. Lot had chosen to raise livestock in a fertile valley.  So far, so good.

But unfortunately, the valley’s primary metropolis made Gotham City look like Sunday School.  Sodom celebrated every sort of evil including rape and human trafficking.

Thus, when God revealed to Abraham plans for mass “sewage” clean-up, Abraham panicked.

Understandably, Abraham pleaded, heart and soul, for Lot and his family.  His was a prayer for mercy and grace.

Perhaps, Abram blamed himself for Lot’s choice of citizenship.  That would certainly explain his desperate petitions.

But rather than simply ask God to spare the city for Lot’s sake, Abraham felt it necessary to build a case for grace.  This was bargaining at its best.

Abraham obviously did not yet fully trust God.

Yup. I can relate.  How often I attempt to bargain through prayer for the good of loved ones when a prayer of simple faith would serve as well!

After all, our heavenly Father already longs to be gracious to His beloved children.

Yet, He listens patiently to His anxious children and comforts those of mustard seed faith.  That’s full-on grace.

I know this because God not only reassured Abraham but also provided Lot with a way of escape.

And Abba longs to do the same for you and me.