About the Author-Artist

Lynn Abbott frequently notes that next to the Bible, the children’s classic, Uncle Arthur’s Bible Book influenced her life more than any other publication. 

Through that beautifully illustrated book strategically placed in her pediatrician’s office, Abbott learned of God and embraced His grace through faith in Christ. 

Indeed, she became so enamored with the series that her mother dared to “smuggle” an abridged copy into their home. 

“The people who grace the pages of the Bible intrigue me.  I identify with their struggles and admire their faith.”

Why the subterfuge? Abbott’s father, at the time, vehemently professed atheism.

“It was all quite exciting.  A big secret, ” Abbott recalls.  “But the stories and illustrations themselves captured my heart for the long haul.   And I believe that because of that,  I am still predisposed to connecting Biblical truth to fine art.

Throughout the books, Scripture was accompanied by extraordinary paintings.  And that’s how my love of God’s Word, my faith journey as well as my exploration of fine art all began. I was 9 years old,” she recalls.

“The people who graced the pages of the Bible intrigued me.  I identified with their struggles and admired their faith.  As an adult, I still relate strongly to Biblical accounts of God’s beloved, but ordinary and flawed, people,” she adds.

Whatever the case, Abbott playfully refers to her blog as an illustrated Bible story book for adults.   Here, through ink and image, she explores God’s word and His grace as expressed in the lives of Biblical saints.

Without a doubt, the foundation for Through Ink and Image was set long before the blog began.  After personally battling cancer in 2007 and losing her mother to ovarian cancer in 2008, Abbott began chronicling her faith journey through her art. 

In emails to her closest gal pal, she often described the spiritual inspiration for her paintings. 

Of her friend, Abbott says, “She’s a saint…reading my ramblings as well as encouraging the progress of each related painting.  She put up with my lengthy emails for several years before she suggested I take my reflections public via a blog.”

 And so, Through Ink and Image was born. 

It was a natural step.  After all, in addition to being a professional artist, Abbott is also freelance journalist-writer.   

Abbott playfully refers to her blog as an illustrated Bible story book for adults.

Her bylines include, among other publications, The Los Angeles Times and The Religious Herald.  In addition to her work as a journalist, she also contributed to Regal Books’ devotional, Still Moments.  

Abbott’s artwork can be found in international, national and regional art venues.  Abbott is a member of the Oil Painters of America. Currently, she is represented by Brush Strokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia as well as by the 810 Weekend Gallery.

In addition, she is a full-time member of the Professional Artists-Artisans Association of Stafford (PAAAS) and the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts.   

Abbott completed her undergraduate studies at Biola University and her graduate work at the University of Virginia.

She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, son and Labradoodle.   For more of Abbott’s art, visit www.lynnabbottstudios.com.

Abbott may also be found at http://www.facebook.com/throughinkandimage  and https://www.facebook.com/lynnabbottstudios