Revue: Spiritual Growth

"The Potter's Bench," © 2015, Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with permission.
“The Potter’s Bench,” © Lynn Abbott 

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass,” ~1 Thessalonians 5:24

© 2015-2016 Lynn Abbott

About five years ago, I planted a beautiful, fledgling hydrangea.  I considered its location carefully, ensuring partial sun throughout the day.

I nurtured that hydrangea… Determined that my hydrangea should produce magnificent blossoms, I researched proper soil combinations.

And yes, the plant has thrived.  The leaves grow broad and deep green.  My hydrangea forms a bushy, verdant anchor for that corner of my garden.

And yet, it did not bloom.  Not a blossom.

Until this year.

To be perfectly honest, I almost pulled the plant out of the garden.  I nearly gave up on it.

But every devoted gardener knows that seeds require time.  And some nuts are difficult to crack.

We all know a few tough nuts.  Perhaps, like me, you are a slow bloomer.  Or maybe, you plant seeds and pray for loved ones.

If so, you know what it is to wait…

And wait.

Endlessly, it seems.

It’s easy to become discouraged when the hydrangea doesn’t bloom.

Fortunately Abba patiently tends His garden and He brings the harvest home.

Yeah.  It takes time.

Yet in His grace, Abba prepares the perfect soil.  He tenderly establishes our growth according to his beautiful plan (Psalm 139:16).

Yes… about me, they once said, “You’re a tough nut to crack.”

And that may well be…

But our heavenly Father thinks you and I are worth the wait.


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