Revue: Untamed

Polishing the Edges, copyright 2014, L. Abbott 72dpi© 2016 Lynn Abbott

Without a doubt, I cannot play it safe with God. He isn’t tame.

Like the powerful surf, He sweeps into my life, and everything starts tumbling. I cling to my safe itinerary, but my feet are swept out from under me. Abba’s omnipotent plan carries me despite my resistance.

His wave rolls me right out of my comfort zone. I lose my sense of direction. Water envelops me. My life is turned upside down… sand swirls overhead, and the sky seems to drop underfoot. At such times, I certainly feel as though I am going under.

Like Jonah, I resist. I kick and scream; I flail my arms about.

I sputter and swallow salt water… That is, until I eventually call for mercy…and allow God to carry me.

And suddenly, I am tossed ashore.

When I finally have a look about, I realize that I’ve been relocated; my lifescape has been rearranged.

Have you noticed? God’s purposes often move us out of our comfort zones. He sets our feet on adventurous roads despite our objections.

All powerful and untamed, He rearranges our lives. His plans supersede ours.

Yet, despite the fact that you and I may find ourselves on paths we would not personally choose, Abba walks with us. He gently guides His children. He carries us to shore.

The same God who allows the storm also commands, “Peace be still.”

In fact, we can be sure that Abba always intervenes at just the right time. And He always knows precisely where He is leading us.

He isn’t tame, but we can surely trust Him.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope, without wavering, for He who promised is faithful,” Hebrews 10:23