Hearing God’s Call

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One morning over breakfast, at the age of 14, I announced that I had decided what I wished to do with my life: “I am going to be a single missionary nurse in Irian Jaya…”

I suspect my parents suppressed smiles.

You see, I was the kid with severe environmental and food allergies.  Obviously, living in a primitive jungle wasn’t the most practical plan I’d ever proposed.

However, I truly admired a beautiful young missionary who had committed herself to just that–serving God as a nurse in Irian Jaya.  I wished to follow in her footsteps.

Light Haze_12x12 Oil_Lynn AbbottI never imagined that because of my own health issues, I might be more burden than help.  And so I passionately began to pursue my dream. I began by volunteering at our local hospital.  All seemed to be on track.

Then, I hit high school biology.  And with it, a huge wall.

Apparently, I am severely allergic to Formaldehyde.  Dissecting frogs and other specimens therefore proved problematic.

My dream collapsed.  My heart broke. How in the world would I ever get through nursing school?  How could I serve Abba if I didn’t?

For several years, my parents patiently prayed while I side-stepped the obvious path…

And years later, when my son began a similar journey, I smiled and prayed as well. He, too, looked for his place in this world, but initially, missed the obvious.

I wanted to tell him. But I knew from personal experience that we individually must hear and heed the call of God.

For several years, my parents patiently prayed while I side-stepped the obvious path…

Evidently, Eli the priest knew this well. His charge met Yahweh in a dramatic way. Yet, Eli had recognized God’s calling of the boy from the very beginning.

He likely recalled a godly woman’s prayer and his own misjudgement of her.  Actually, the memory of it probably haunted Eli long after the event.  (1 Samuel 1:9).

Of course, we know that  on that day, a woman named Hannah begged God for a son.  And Eli had mistaken her great grief for drunkenness (1 Samuel 1:12-13).

It’s easy to see how Eli initially misunderstood her behavior. Her lips moved and yet, she did not pray audibly that day in the temple.  In anguish and grief, she promised that if her petition were granted, she would give her child to Yahweh for life-time service.

And Abba blessed her (1 Samuel 1:19-21).

Several years later, Hannah arrived at the temple with her little boy.  I imagine she boldly approached the priest who had borne witness to her previous heartbreak and who had ultimately blessed her (1 Samuel 1:17).  Essentially, she said, “Remember me?”

She had come to fulfill her vow: “So now I give him to the LORD.  For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD,” (I Samuel 1:28).

Light Haze_12x12 Oil_Lynn AbbottFrom that day forward, little Sam lived with Eli.  He became a “helper” in the temple.  Indeed, Eli and Hannah both knew Samuel had been set apart for God.  It was obvious.  But I think Samuel may have wondered about his place in the world.

As he grew, he may have day-dreamed about the variety of occupations associated with the temple. What would he be when he grew up?  His childlike faith and curiosity likely led him to explore the possibilities…

Would he be a temple musician?  Would he craft beautiful art or gold cups for use in God’s house?  Where would he ultimately serve? Would he remain by Eli’s side for all time?

All who knew Samuel observed his gifts. But Samuel had yet to discover his purpose.

To be sure. All too often, we are the last to recognize our God-given purpose.

Looking around us, we see vast possibilities; we may even admire and long for gifts that other people possess;  we seek to climb distant mountains instead of treading the paths immediately before us.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that Abba recorded Samuel’s story for us. I dunno.

All too often, we are the last to recognize our God-given purpose.

But when I read of Samuel’s God-encounter, I do know that I am reminded that  you and I are called to plant and harvest Abba’s grace right where we are.  Often, God has already placed me where he wishes me to serve.

As evening gave way to night, Eli’s young charge lay in the temple… tired after his long day of temple service.  Eli napped in his usual place.  Life followed a familiar routine.   Nothing unexpected ever happened.

Thus, Samuel did not suspect anything out of the ordinary when he heard a voice call:


Samuel ran to Eli to discover what might be required.

But Eli hadn’t called and so the aging priest responded as many parents do; he told Samuel to go back to bed.

But the boy returned three more times to ask if Eli had called.

I imagine that Eli shook the sleepy fog from his head just in time.

I Samuel 3:8 records, “Then Eli realized that the LORD was calling the boy.”

Light Haze_12x12 Oil_Lynn AbbottThat’s right. God called Samuel right where he was.

For Samuel, the temple may not have seemed a glamorous place.  After all, it was home.   Sam had been faithful, but his tasks had never seemed particularly significant.

Yet, God called Samuel… right there; right then.  God planned Sam’s days even before he was born (Psalm 139:16).  And when the time was right, God spoke.

Eli confirmed God’s calling.

Thus, when Samuel heard Abba’s voice once more, he replied, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

Samuel not only served but he both observed and listened. And he evidently did both well. His gifts seemed simple enough… even rather ordinary.  Yet, such gifts uniquely equipped Samuel to become God’s prophet.

You and I are called to plant and harvest Abba’s grace right where we are.

And he began his new work the following morning: upon Eli’s insistence and encouragement, Samuel delivered his first prophecy to Eli.

Without a doubt, God placed and equipped a temple boy.

Simple as that.

Sometimes I go looking for grand horizons.  I seek flashy tasks or ponder great works.

I forget that Abba spoke directly to a boy who quietly served an old, disheartened priest.

But Samuel shows me the joy of serving with small acts of grace and love.  In fact, there is nothing better–nothing that brings greater joy–than both hearing and responding to Abba’s call.

As I traveled last Spring, I spotted a single cow grazing near a farmhouse.  I quietly stepped away from our rental car and tip-toed toward the pasture; I didn’t wish to disturb that beautiful bovine.

But the cow knew her surroundings well; she heard my movement.  And she looked directly toward me.  A photo bomber?  Perhaps.Light Haze_12x12 Oil_Lynn Abbott

Nevertheless, she reminded me to remain on the alert, to listen and observe.  Even in my ordinary–maybe, especially in the ordinary–God calls me and then, directs my footsteps.

Yes, His Word is “a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” (Psalm 119:105).

I need only respond to Abba’s call as Samuel did…

“Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

And Sam served. Without fanfare.  Without glory. Yet, with great joy.

Yes,  Abba often calls with a gentle whisper.  His leading illuminates our ordinary.

And just as Samuel did, we will find significance when we accomplish small things with great grace and love.  Right here.  Right now.

It’s as simple as that.

“Whatever you, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,” ~Colossians 3:23

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  1. We have a children’s Bible story book with that story in it. Our first son David loved that story, and he had it memorized at the age of 2 or 3 and could recite the whole thing from memory. 33 years after he was born we had a grandson named Samuel, born to our middle son John and his wife. That was one of his favorite stories, too, and the story of David & Goliath. And, then when God first placed his calling on my life to write out what he teaches me each day from his Word, and to place it on the internet, I felt led then to begin with noting the passage of scripture and then to say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

    I wrote that introductory statement for years and then eventually changed it to “Speak, Lord, your words to my heart,” and then eventually changed the format to end with “Thank you, Lord, for what you taught me from your word today.” But, they all say the same thing. What I write is what he teaches me. It all comes from him. This is my calling when I had that “Samuel” moment and I responded, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” So, this story has a very special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing it.

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    1. How very wonderful, dear Sue! And of course, this account is meaningful to you. I would have expected nothing less. You have such a tender heart toward God, and having come to know you through your blog, I am sure that you are listening ongoing for our Savior’s voice through His word and through the Holy Spirit’s direction. You are such an inspiration to us all! And to know that you instilled that same love for Christ, and the willingness to listen to God in your son does not surprise me in the least! <3, huge smiles, and Hugs!

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      1. Lynn, thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring words. All the glory goes to God for whatever he has done in my life to give me that tender heart towards him. And, what you shared encouraged my heart. So, thanks!

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    1. Aww… thank you, dearest Natalie! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me! You see, that feeling of being able to pop into a painting… to long to live in it is exactly what I try to achieve with each one of my pieces. That you should identify that quality is one of the most meaningful and high compliments that I could ever receive. Thank you with all my heart!! Love and huge hugs!! ❤ ❤

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      1. You’re most welcome! I’ve yet to see one of your pieces that I didn’t want to “pop” into! So you certainly do achieve your goal as far as concerned! Much love and huge hugs for you too! You are well one of those people that I feel like I’ve known forever despite the fact that we only recently connected through our blogs.❤️❤️❤️😊🌹

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  2. Well once again I’ve been a proverbial “dumwad!” I checked you out on the Internet and found that you are a professional freelance journalist and artist.
    I knew your posts were too good to be like those a lot of us put out there. You go girl!!! 🙂 ❤ xo

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    1. Oh, no… dear Natalie… no “dumwad” at all. Anything but! Besides, my work isn’t anything that I particularly advertise so how would anyone know. And I feel that I am always just a learner… professional simply means I work full-time at art and part-time at writing…and get paid. Doesn’t mean I’m particularly proficient. 😉 I love it when you write your posts… you have such a way with words… you are a poet, and I think you are holding out on us much of the time. 🙂 ❤ and huge hugs!!

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    1. Thank you with all my heart, Vincent! I don’t know what any of us would do without your kind “reblogging.” I think you are the head-liner for bloggers! No one would know about our posts were it not for you! You are such a blessing to all of us!! I pray God blesses you as greatly as you bless others! 🙂


  3. Another great post Lynn, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts even with all the busyness.

    “To be sure. All too often, we are the last to recognize our God-given purpose.” – I really liked this because its true for me! I reckon there are heaps of blessings to be the last to recognize as well.

    “Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that Abba recorded Samuel’s story for us. I dunno.” – I loved this and had a bit of a chuckle cause of your dunno. Great to see the human side of bloggers, as in we can all be such professionals with our presentation its good to just relax. No idea if this makes sense lol.

    “You and I are called to plant and harvest Abba’s grace right where we are.” – This is really important for all believers to know. I needed this.

    Another great painting and a beautiful photo bombing cow.

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    1. Ha, ha! Love that you like my “slang” and my photo bombing cow! And your comment totally makes sense to me. Oops… just saw a message on Facebook come through… I will have to answer that in a bit. 😉 But in the meantime, allow me just to say here that your thoughtful comment brought me a huge grin this evening! I’m incredibly grateful for your and Brandie’s friendship! Thanks for all your kind encouragement and for blessing me with your friendship, Dave! God bless you big time! 🙂


  4. Beautiful piece. And you’re right so often we expect Big & grand gestures from God when sometimes all he wants to do is speak to us in the seemingly ordinary aspects of life.

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    1. I love the way you phrase it, Dara… “so often we expect big and grand gestures from God.” So true. Yet, as you explain, He often speaks to us during the seeming ordinary moments of our lives. Beautiful. Thank you with all my heart. God bless you greatly in your wonderful blogging for Him! ❤

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  5. I am so grateful that ‘Hearing God’s Call’ reached me, even though you’ve issues with your internet connection!
    Your thoughts and words connect so deeply with me:
    I too, wait for one of my offspring in particular, to ‘hear’ and ‘find’ their place in the world, and your words encourage me to ‘keep on’ praying for them.
    And I too, sometimes wonder if I’m doing what God wants me to do with my own life. so you encourage me to embrace what’s ‘right here, right now’…
    Thank you!

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    1. Yes, I’m so glad, too! And thankful as well for a few moments of internet connectivity tonight so that I could read and respond to your lovely comment! I so relate to your concern for your offspring. I continue to pray for my son… and I constantly pray about my own as well. Thus, your honesty here has inspired and encouraged me since I can so relate to what you have shared. Thank you!!!! You have truly blessed me this evening. May God bless you beyond all that you can imagine!

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  6. I see your work Lynn, just about everywhere that I go, lifting, encouraging. I was actually going to suggest that you could take a bit of a vacation on my particular site, because I tend to post a fair number of posts and yet you always manage to say something encouraging or complementary. Just a simple “like” is good, I know where your heart is. And then, you post another of your normally insightful and down to earth posts and tell me why. I kind of already knew why, it’s who you are, it’s what you do, you’re kind of like God’s butterfly, going from place to place, sharing a little sunlight and love on each of your stops. And, on top of all that, which is really amazing to start off with, you are a Mom and a wife and a talented painter. I am often amazed at things that God shows me but you are actually on that list. Special, created in His image, a daughter of the King and it shows. I loved this post. It is so timely and exactly where we, so often, find our peace, in and with our precious Lord, where we are planted. I’m sure that Francis and Gerry, Bill and Mary, and “others” of our mutual friends, would echo the truth that you have illustrated. I just wanted to say “Thank you”, you really can take a break on my site, I know you’re in my corner and of course you know that I am in yours. It’s amazing what and how God’s love and wisdom can do to people’s hearts. Grace and blessings!

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    1. Bruce, you are an incredibly thoughtful and kind friend! I am absolutely blessed to know you. Thank you; thank you! Your thoughtfulness and recognition of my many “hats” means the world to me. And I’m so grateful!! I’m currently on the road… thus, my spotty internet. But you know I truly love your blog, and will continue to read there diligently because after all, your blog is one of my most favorites. 🙂 I just recommended it recently to my closest friend. She isn’t a blogger, but loves deep spiritual truth. Anyway, she really appreciates your posts as well. Thanks for your faithfulness in teaching and cataloguing Truth. And for your grace toward me and so many of us who know and love your blog! God bless you, my wonderful and Spirit-filled friend!! 🙂

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  7. Dear Lynn, I thank God for your life! God has blessed the words of your mouth and the work of your hands. I was reading your article. It may seem an ‘ordinary’ story. But because the Holy Spirit is leading you, there is order, beauty and peace resting on your words and on your painting. You have made an ordinary nameless cow look good this morning. Well done sister!

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    1. Thank you, dearest Lia!! Your kind and Spirit-filled words find the extra in ordinary… and I’m incredibly grateful to you! Thank you for your encouragement! God uses you to bless me again and again! Love and huge hugs!


  8. “Often, God has already placed me where he wishes me to serve.” How often I forget that! My mission field is all those who I come across. My area of influence is all I communicate with, including those on WordPress and Facebook! I must remember this whenever I post something, and guard my timeline with the utmost scrutiny. People are always watching those of us who profess to be Christians, just looking for chink in the armor.

    I love the way you retell the story of Samuel (Sam). It is a wonderful story, and we can learn so much from it. thanks Lynn, and hope you are back in full stride soon!

    Be blessed

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    1. Oh, yes, Pete! Thank you for this reminder! Everywhere we go, and whatever we do or say has a tremendous impact. God reminded me of this in a huge way today… but that’s a story for another blog post 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Pete! I know others will be as inspired as I am by what you say here. And thank you for your kind words about my internet… I’m on the road, and so getting good connection has been sporadic. But that will soon be corrected. 🙂 God bless you, too!! I thank Him for your wonderful gift of poetic encouragement and God-directed praise! 🙂


  9. I cannot put into the words the feelings this has put on my heart:

    It’s a bit of a long story, but to minimize it as best I can lol, I’m a homebody who often dreams VERY big dreams, but doesn’t see herself moving out of her hometown; also VERY recently, God has put the word “missions” in my vocabulary. Part of me wonders if God has broader plans for me (geographically speaking) than I have ever considered, and part of me wonders if God is using this to teach me a lesson. I’ve always been a little envious of the courage displayed by missionaries, God knows this, and perhaps he’s trying to tell me I can be a big enough missionary right here. I just don’t know.

    But, regardless of what path he’s taking me down, I wanted to let you know that this post was EXACTLY what has been foremost on my mind these past few days. Thank you ❤

    – Jordan

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    1. Oh, Jordan! Thank you for sharing this! I completely relate to your thoughts about what God wishes for you to do. You know, missions are something we can all be a part of even if we aren’t the ones going overseas. And perhaps, that is what God means by placing “missions” on your heart and in your vocabulary. Prayer, writing encouragement and supporting missionaries financially is huge… and as you say, we are “missionaries” wherever God plants us. 🙂 For me that is wherever life takes me… be it in the art world, the blogging community or even to a doctor or hospital when my family or I have health issues. It’s hard for me to remember that sometimes, and so, as is frequently the case, this post is my attempt at “preaching to myself.” I am so glad that it encouraged you as well. That is definitely a God-thing. And I thank Him for that! So glad to discover that you and I are kindred spirits! 🙂 God bless you big time, dear Jordan! ❤ ❤

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    1. Amen, dear Meredith! And much of our role as mothers requires the so-called ordinary…but what an extraordinary calling motherhood is! I so admire you. From what I have observed, you are a fantastic mom! God bless you greatly. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Oh, yes, dear Marcie! And what a disappointment it was when I found I couldn’t. But formaldehyde was/is deadly for me. Funny thing is that 10 years after I discovered I was allergic to it and couldn’t pursue my dream, I met Tim. What’s really interesting is that after he proposed, I discovered that his second cousin was that missionary nurse that I had so admired! Isn’t that amazing? God is good. He can use even a health issue to direct our lives to His best for us. And thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement! Your friendship means so very, very much to me! We need to do lunch again this coming month. ❤ and hugs!


  10. Thanks Lynn, for this great reminder for us to just “do” what is in front of us. Some plant and yes some water. We never know the abundant possibilities with GOD as the true GARDENER! But HE is, and we need to trust HIM as we plant the seeds along the path. YES, HE is the light for our paths (one of my favorite verses by the way) and LORD help us to discern what, where and whom HE needs us to be that light in life and lives. Hope you see this eventually…….blessings friend!

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words here! Wow! I just know that God will use your words to touch hearts here today. You have touched mine. I especially love what you say about “planting” and “watering.” So very true. And isn’t it wonderful how God can use all of our gifts to bring others to Him… I don’t have to be an overseas missionary to be an influence for Christ. And what joy knowing that brings! God bless you big time! You and your blog are a blessing. 🙂 ❤

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  11. You know Lynn— I wanted to join the Peace Corps out of college— I was set on the path of educator but was not passionate about the whole art teacher thing— I wanted more and I want to feel “purpose” —plus I wanted to feel as if I was making a difference— I had to procure a recommendation—I went to the presiding Episcopal bishop in Atlanta who I happened to know personally since I was young and who I had called “uncle”
    He had once been a missionary in Africa and I just knew I’d get his blessing — I was wrong.
    He told me that he felt that there were other things I was to do with my life— I was crestfallen— but I’m pretty certain he saw in me things I could not see—
    Instead of Africa, I moved an hour from home to a small west Ga town to teach.
    There were times I regretted not serving in a different capacity— there were times I doubted myself as an educator— yet in the end- there was no mistaking God’s involvement…
    I’ve missed you——-

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    1. Oh, Julie… we just have to meet “face-to-face” sometime! You are truly my twin soul sister! Thank you for sharing your story. Isn’t it amazing how God uses such a variety of gifts, roles and careers to reach people for Him? I’m so grateful that it isn’t always the traditional service or expected that He uses. And I’m sure there are a great many students that are thankful that God called you to the classroom. I’ve missed you a ton! How is that grandbaby? I suspect your son and daughter-in-law were extremely sorry to see you go! A newborn is so much work and it can be overwhelming to be a new parent. One more way that you have truly blessed … your family knows just how much your love them and how much God has loved them through you! Love and huge hugs! And WELCOME BACK!!!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Aww… thank you, Denise! I’m not so sure about the “special” part… I feel pretty ordinary much of the time. But I love what Mother Theresa once said,“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” I think you decorate your home and inspire us to create beautiful spaces for our family and friends…with great love! ❤ and hugs!


  12. Wonderful post! Yes, God calls and yes, when we hear and answer, the joy is exceedingly above what we could imagine. Nothing we could ever do can compare to being lovingly guided by the gentle whispers of our Heavenly Father!

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    1. Amen and amen, dear Dorissa! I love the way you express it: “Nothing we could ever do can compare to being lovingly guided by the gentle whispers of our Heavenly Father!” So beautiful and so true. Thank you; thank you! God bless you big time! ❤ ❤


  13. Another wonderful and thoughtful post, Lynn and exactly what I need to hear. I really enjoyed when you said, “… we individually must hear and heed the call of God.” because I feel that that is the first step in actually doing what the Lord has set before us. If we don’t hear and heed the call of God, how are we ever going to do the God-given assignment He has in store for us.

    What really spoke to me in the post was when you stated, “… All too often, we are the last to recognize our God-given purpose.

    Looking around us, we see vast possibilities; we may even admire and long for gifts that other people possess; we seek to climb distant mountains instead of treading the paths immediately before us.”

    I feel that because we are still human beings despite being Christians, we still feel that pains of jealousy and envy for those that know there gifts and talents and are walking in Christ using those talents that God gave them. but when it’s our turn to find our God-given purpose we may be looking in the wrong places. If we go looking for our God-given purpose in others and go climbing mountains that aren’t ours we will only get in our own way.

    We all have vast possibilities on what our life would be like, but if we just took the time, stop and thought about where God has brought us and what He has brought us through and how He has brought us through it, we may just find that our God-given purpose is a lot closer than we think. We all walk different paths, but we as Christians have to remember to walk that path that God has set before us and not the path others walk or walk a path that is in direct opposition to God’s calling on our lives.

    Some of the quotes that I enjoyed from your blog post include,

    “I do know that I am reminded that you and I are called to plant and harvest Abba’s grace right where we are. Often, God has already placed me where he wishes me to serve.”

    “Sometimes I go looking for grand horizons. I seek flashy tasks or ponder great works… But Samuel shows me the joy of serving with small acts of grace and love. In fact, there is nothing better–nothing that brings greater joy–than both hearing and responding to Abba’s call.”

    Also, I really enjoyed when you stated these two quotes, “… she reminded me to remain on the alert, to listen and observe. Even in my ordinary–maybe, especially in the ordinary–God calls me and then, directs my footsteps.” and then “I need only respond to Abba’s call as Samuel did…

    “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

    I really enjoyed this post Lynn because this is something that I continually struggle with. In the post you said that people were able to notice Samuel’s God-given purpose but He couldn’t until He stopped and heeded to the voice of God. In the same manner, I too have noticed that people who either visit my church and speak to me or those that interact with me seem to notice God-given purpose except me. And I think it may have something to do with where I am in my relationship with Christ and how I need to spend more time in His Word and less time on the things that distract me (i.e. blogging).

    Sorry for the long comment, Lynn. I just wanted to let you know how much this post spoke to me about me and what I should be doing. We should all be like Samuel when God speaks.

    Also, I’ll probably be taking a break from blogging for about a month in order to focus on strengthening my relationship and walk with God first and foremost along with other things for school. I will be back in April with new post, but I will still be commenting on posts.


    1. Oh, not to worry about the length of your comment, Joshua! Your sharing means the world to me! I am so encouraged by your example, your deep faith and commitment to God and His call upon your life. I’m delighted that God could use anything that I have written to confirm His leading in your life. Thank you for sharing that. I am truly blessed by your thoughtfulness. I am also blessed by the truly deep insights you have offered here. I know others will be blessed by your thoughts as well. I especially loved what you said when you wrote, “But when it’s our turn to find our God-given purpose we may be looking in the wrong places. If we go looking for our God-given purpose in others and go climbing mountains that aren’t ours we will only get in our own way.” How very true that is!!

      You have such wisdom, Joshua! I am sure that God has an incredible ministry in store for you, and I know that He is using you and your blog in a mighty way right now! God bless you big time, my wonderful friend!! 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much, Lynn, for the kind words of encouragement. ” I am sure that God has an incredible ministry in store for you, and I know that He is using you and your blog in a mighty way right now! God bless you big time, my wonderful friend!!”

        I do pray that the ministry God has in store for me reaches people around the world and even in the U.S., It’s humbling to see how far God has taken my blog in 8 months around the world and how it has helped encourage people.

        I as well pray that whatever ministry God has in store for you with your blog and paintings that they shine a light on how much God has done in your life and what it means for those who are willing to come and seek Him.


  14. Lynn, love the picture. Love the application in your words! It reminds me to listen because it is easy to either not hear, or not understand what we’re hearing, when the Lord speaks our name and tells us. Unfortunately, I even miss the thunder and lightening bolt messages, much less the still, small whispers of the heart where God is speaking. Thank you for your word, Lynn!

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    1. I think it is easy for all of us to miss God’s direction, Jeff. I preach to myself again and again through my blog. 😉 The world screams at all of us continually. And I find it difficult at times to block that out long enough to hear God’s call. I’m so grateful that God calls us more than once. He patiently guides and directs us. Whew! He knows I need that! God bless you big time, Jeff! Your friendship and blog are truly a big blessing in my life. 🙂

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      1. Oh, Lynn! Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me!
        I pray that God will do the same for you, too!
        Hugs and love! ❤ ❤


    1. Amen! Thank you; thank you, Tom! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent again…have been traveling and internet wifi has been spotty. Looking so forward to catching up on all your wonderful posts! God bless you big time, my friend! 🙂

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  15. Good ole, Sam!

    His beginning has always touched my heart.

    I relate to you. Sometimes, I still feel uncertain if I am on the right path. I get torn between the world and God’s plan. The world says I should make money by having a job. Ever since I was 13 I’ve been called to write. When I had my first job when I was 18, I developed anxiety and heavy stress for the first time. I should probably talk about this in a future post 🙂

    I guess…I’m in the same boat. From the outside, it seems obvious this is where God wants me to be. He’s provided throughout it all. Thanks for sharing, Lynn!!!! 🙂

    I was having some internet issues yesterday (we were switching internet providers) so take your time! 🙂


    1. Yes, it is difficult to pursue writing… If you work at it as a profession, you are too exhausted to pursue your own writing dreams. But if God has made it possible for you to pursue your personal writing dreams, do it! What a blessing that is. You are a wonderful writer and I feel sure that God has called you to it! Thank you for your honest sharing here. You have buoyed and encouraged my heart so much today! Love you, lady! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I’m so sorry you deal with so many allergies, Lynn. I love Samuel’s example of serving without fanfare or glory, just serving God where he was planted with great joy. As always, I love your painting. Especially the cow and what she reminded you of. And that rickety fence has such character. 🙂 Thank you for encouraging me heart today to listen for God’s whispers. Love and hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it’s okay, dear Trudy. God has used the allergies to direct my life in amazing ways, and so I can actually thank Him for that. And I’ve gotten used to the allergies. Just part of life in this world. They are an irritation, but not something that can’t be worked around. 🙂 And as you say, there is tremendous joy in serving God where He plants us!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my painting. I couldn’t resist painting that cow… so much personality! Love you much! Huge hugs! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Thank you for writing such an edifying post. I was encouraged by what you said and the way you said it. Seeing where the Lord is at work in the extraordinary ordinary of day-to-day life, and joining Him at His invitation is something I treasure. The more focused life of service I believe He was/is most pleased to call me to is quiet, mostly hidden ministrations of love, adoration and prayerful worship of Him. There is so much I want to learn from Him about this! – Laure

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laure, It is an absolute delight to meet you here! Thank you for visiting my blog. I can’t wait to visit yours. Yes… what a privilege it is to serve where God has called us. And the little things are really the big things in God’s economy, are they not? God bless you greatly for your humble heart and your faithful service to Him! You have truly blessed me today with your kind and encouraging thoughtfulness! ❤


      1. Lynn, I read this and thought of you tonight: we can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to this holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all his idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it. But we know it now. 2 Timothy 1:8-9 MSG. Have a wonderful week. ❤️

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      2. Oh, Deb… it read so beautiful and personal in The Message. Thank you; thank you for sharing it with me! You have an amazing week yourself, my dear friend! Much love to you! ❤


  18. Hi Lynn…Thanks for dropping by on my site. Had it not been for that, I would have missed this wonderful post.

    I am but an aging country boy who writes with a fair amount of intelligence but who can can talk red neck with the best of em’. In my younger days I had dreams of going here and there and doing this and that for the Lord. One day it dawned on me. The Lord called me to be a fireman and there I will stay until He tells me to go. I still have the dreams but the dreams are now to serve right where He puts me and to not fret about the rest. Again, great word….Thanks

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello, Patrick! I’m delighted to have found your blog! Thank you for stopping by; it is an honor! My father-in-law was a fireman. Sadly, he passed away about two years ago, but he was an extremely godly man with a heart to share the gospel… much like yourself! I so enjoyed your post, and look forward to reading more. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. Your visit here blessed me today! 🙂


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