Pick-Me-Up: There All Along

© 2018 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

As you may have guessed by now, one of my favorite Old Testament saints is Elijah.

Indeed… My husband tells me there is a great deal of “Elijah” in me.  But of course, he also thinks I’m a lot like L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

Go figure.

Yet, perhaps, my husband’s assessment offers an explanation for my tendency to return to Elijah’s story again and again.

And what I have discovered is that God’s Word reveals rich truth in the smallest details. Thus, I’ve recently found new aspects of grace in Elijah’s story.

In some respects, I think Elijah may have had a lot in common with Peter. Similarly, Elijah boldly stepped in where others feared to go. He spoke up. He didn’t let things slide…a man on a mission.

God’s Word reveals rich truth in the smallest details.

In fact, you never had to guess with Elijah. He was a straight shooter.

Yet, even the bold prophet  felt the icy grip of fear on occasion.

After his showdown with the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, Elijah fled for his life, (1 Kings 19:1-16). After all, Queen Jezebel sought to kill him in retribution for his judgment of the pagan prophets.

Besides the fact that Elijah needed rest, nourishment and encouragement from Abba, I found one aspect of the account particularly noteworthy: God not only supplied Elijah’s physical needs, but He also addressed Elijah’s emotional and spiritual needs including Elijah’s need for companionship.

Thus, God provided Elijah with everything he needed in order to once more step out boldly in faith and grace.

In fact, Abba spoke to Elijah in a “gentle blowing.” Yes, first and foremost, God reminded Elijah that he served a powerful yet merciful God.

And in the “gentle blowing,” Elijah found grace. God assured Elijah that he was not alone despite how he might feel. When the wind, the earthquake and the fire died, the Creator spoke gently.

First and foremost, God reminded Elijah that he served a powerful yet merciful God.

God was there all along. And He’s there beside us as well; yes, even when the noisy wind and rain rage.

Although it may seem that Jesus sleeps in the boat and shows little concern for danger, He is with me. Even if the waves surge and make it difficult to see the Savior walking on the water toward us, He is there.

In fact, He regularly whispers, “Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand,”(Isaiah 41:10).

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go,” ~Joshua 1:9

71 thoughts on “Pick-Me-Up: There All Along

  1. Ah, so refreshing! I love your points about how God addressed Elijah’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. He has been working on me there. There has been so much life happening all around me and so many people in pain right alongside an increase in migraines for me. This is such a good reminder that He does care about His children’s needs, even when the storms rage all around. Thank you! Glad I had a second to read today. ❤

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    1. Oh, Heather… I’m right with you. Suffered through a migraine-like headache this past week. I will keep you in my prayers this week… that God will bring miraculous comfort and healing to all that you know who are in pain and that He will prevent any further migraines as you walk your current path! ❤ and huge, gentle hugs! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of how God is constantly with us. Such encouragement for us especially when things seem out of control and crazy.

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      1. Thank you; thank you, dear Kathy… mostly, I just need physical rest. Have been a bit overwhelmed by all that I have taken on this year. Have been burning the candle at both ends. I need to figure out how to manage things better :-/ Love and huge hugs!!

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  3. I love Elijah! So many times, we think God has to shout to get our attention. But with Elijah, it was a soft whisper in the breeze. May I always hear my Father’s whisper.

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  4. Your very last verse is one that I’ve been harkening to more and more lately, it’s absolutely beautiful in its simple–and yet powerful–message: Be strong and courageous! I recently read somewhere that the phrase “Do not be afraid” (and all its other variations lol) is in the Bible 365 times–that means one for each day 🙂 I come from a very worrisome, faithless family, so I don’t always live out God’s intent for our lives in the way I wish I did. But posts like yours, in combination with studying His word, are pushing me further and further every day into the kind of boldness we can only know in Christ 🙂 Thank you!

    Jordan ❤

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    1. Oh, Jordan… your honesty speaks to me. I think deep down we all struggle with fear…and also, with embracing faith. Perhaps, that is why the writer to the Hebrews devoted an entire chapter to applauding heroes of the faith? He knew that we needed inspiration. And Joshua, to whom the words in that verse were given, was facing an enormous task, and likely was experiencing tremendous anxiety just as we all do. I’m so glad that God didn’t just record the victories of Biblical saints in Scripture. It is so inspiring to hear stories of imperfect people like me who achieved victory because of the power of our perfect God in their lives. And I will add… you are a contemporary inspiration to all of us who have the privilege of knowing you! ❤ and hugs!

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      1. That verse “But perfect love casts out all fear” has been a lifeline lately, and the only reason I’ve FINALLY gotten to that point of embracing God’s love–for it’s only when we begin to truly understand how much He loves us that we can “laugh without fear of the future” ❤ Amen!! I think most times it's the ones that Weren't the saints that speak so deeply and honestly to our hearts. Aw, thank you so so much, I can't tell you how much that means to me ❤ ❤ God has given me such a loving family in Christ through this blog, like I've ever known before. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and inspiration. I have been in sore need of a mentor in Christ and I always look forward to what I can learn from you 🙂


      2. Aww… thank you! You are too good to me! I’m always encouraged by your blog posts!! Yes, I’m always encouraged to know that people in the Bible weren’t perfect either! It’s nice to know that they had trouble trusting at times and that God had to encourage them, too! Love and huge hugs to you!!


  5. Lynn I have no doubt that God sent you to remind me during this Storm I’m going through that He is with me all the way. I’m not sure if there will be a tomorrow for me but God knows and I Trust Him to calm the Storm in my Heart and prepare me for whatever comes.

    Thank you dear Sister in Christ Jesus, may He Bless you greatly as you Bless others,
    Anne( Grannie Annie)

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    1. Oh, Anne… I read your post on my cell phone early this morning. Just haven’t had time to stop by to write a comment. Will do so later today. But please know that I will be praying like crazy for you! Sending you huge hugs and much love! ❤

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  6. I stopped at “pick me up” as in…yes someone, please pick me up—for I am mightly tired—and as I am reminded of my physical tiredness—I also know of the spiritual tiredness—as we are in the midst of a great battle—and I for one could go for a much needed Spiritual pick me up— 🙂

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    1. Yes, dear Julie…I can well imagine! You have so much on your plate right now! You are much in my prayers… praying for physical strength and much needed rest for you… but will add the Spiritual pick-me-up to those prayers for you as well… Let me just say, however, I think we are all feeling it. The spiritual battle seems greatly intensified in recent days. I’m so thankful for amazing friend like you with whom to share this journey. Love, prayers and huge hugs!! ❤ ❤

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  7. I love me some Elijah! Thank you for today’s message. It’s a wonderful way to start off my week. God bless you. 💙

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  8. Amen! I can totally see the connection between Elijah and Peter what a great pairing. They would have amazing stories to share about God and Christ.

    “God provided angels to feed me.”

    “Christ helped me walk on water, and then He saved me.”


    1. Thank you so much, Jim! Yeah, it’s easy for me to empathize with Elijah. Who hasn’t, at times, become physically exhausted and in need of God’s grace? I love that God fully understands His creation and especially cares for those who serve Him. God bless you greatly, Jim!

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  9. And in the “gentle blowing,” Elijah found grace. Your words remind me of the countless times I’ve sat in my backyard gazebo, visiting with the Lord, and felt His presence in the gentle breeze. I’ve always thought of it as the “gentle breeze of Jesus” and it’s a peaceful place full of grace. Thank you!


    1. Oh, what a precious time and place that must be, Dorissa! I wish I could join you in the gazebo. What a beautiful place to spend time with God! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here… now, whenever I feel a breeze, I will think of it as one of God’s whispers of grace. ❤ and hugs!!


  10. I like this post, Lynn. I like when you stated in your blog, “… God’s Word reveals rich truth in the smallest details.”. I like this quote because all throughout the Bible, God’s Word not only gives us truth but will sometimes conceal the truth from those who don’t believe, but we as Christians should learn to continuously read God’s Word in order to gain revelations.

    Also, I like when you said, “God provided Elijah with everything he needed in order to once more step out boldly in faith and grace.” because just as God provided for Elijah in his time of need, so too, will our Father provide for our needs in order to pick ourselves back up and once again step out into faith and in Christ. We as Christians should, like Peter and Elijah, step out into faith in Christ Jesus and not let the fears and the “what might happen” mentality hinder us from accomplishing the purpose we were placed on the Earth for.

    One of the quotes I liked in your post was when you said, “Although it may seem that Jesus sleeps in the boat and shows little concern for danger, He is with me. Even if the waves surge and make it difficult to see the Savior walking on the water toward us, He is there.” God is our Provider and as such, even in the most dangerous of situations, Christ is there, ready and willing to calm our fears and guide us through the storms of life.


    1. Hello, Joshua! I’m both surprised and delighted to see you here since I thought you were on a blogging break. I will visit your blog to see if you have posted any of your wonderfully insightful posts! Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment here. I so love hearing your thoughts about the Word of God, and always look forward to reading your comments! God bless you greatly!


  11. I love God’s story in and through Elijah, Lynn. Even though he by God’s grace often acted fearlessly, God is so good to show us through him that we can be devoted followers of Christ and still fear or get discouraged. One of my favorites is when he was in the wilderness and God, as you write here, tended not only to his physical needs, but also to his emotional and spiritual needs. It’s one I can so identify with and has often encouraged me in my life. And I love this comforting truth – “Even if the waves surge and make it difficult to see the Savior walking on the water toward us, He is there.” I could imagine myself in your painting, ready to drown, but yes, He is still there! He will come and rescue us! Thank you for encouraging me today! Love and hugs to you!


    1. Trudy, your friendship is such an incredibly wonderful encouragement to me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! Without a doubt, we are “kindred spirits.” I thank God for you! Sending you much love! ❤ ❤

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  12. Thanks for your words on fear also. Oh how we fear many things, and the enemy loves to prey on those fears. But when we hang on to GOD and HIS word with all our might, our fears subside. Let us always put on “the armor of GOD” in those times. Blessings, friend.


  13. I’m with Diana i I love me some Elijah. I am so appreciative to God for always giving us all we need, right when we need it. Even through His Word I might not know what a verse means the first or 50th time i read it but when I need it, and am ready God reveals it. God bless Lynn :):):)


  14. I love this story about Elijah! I can so identify with him! After seeing God work in my life (I’ve started writing about those times in my blog amazinggodstories.blog), I can turn right around and run scared, too. Yet no matter how weak my faith is at times, God is always there for me. Just like He was for Elijah. Oh, and I love the image you chose! So powerful!

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    1. Hello! I’m delighted to meet you! It seems we share a number of blogging friends! Yay! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Thank you for your kind comments about my post and my painting! Your thoughtfulness means a lot to me! God bless you greatly! 🙂


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