28 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Being a ‘Father’ is quite a humbling and daunting experience. Having responsibility to shepherd a tiny life, knowing he or she belong to GOD is hard to say the least.

    I remember rushing to the Hospital to see my first child, my daughter. I was so proud and must admit I wasn’t really driving too carefully as I just wanted to get there.

    The Lord’s Presence became very strong in ththe vehicle and He asked me to pull over and stop.

    He then said: “Warren, be aware that your new daughter Alexandra is Mine and not from you. Do not become so proud as to think you created her and remember that I will always guide, help and protect her. X


    1. Thank you so much for sharing Abba’s great wisdom here! What an encouragement your experience is to me and I suspect will be to so many others!! Reading your testimony here reminded me how very grateful I am that parenting isn’t up to me. As you write here, parenting is ultimately in God’s hands. And I’m so very glad that this is so because I know I am so human and fail very often. Thankfully, God guides our children… For this reason, as you pray for your daughter, I pray continually that God blesses, guides and keeps my son close to Him. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You’ve encouraged and inspired me more than you can possibly imagine! God bless you greatly, Warren!! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Very different picture than I’ve seen you paint before, Lynn. Here’s what this makes me think of with your title — the schooner is the father with his son on board, but the son sees the fast, free independent motor boat that his friends are riding. The motor boat is not only fast, but it doesn’t require sails or winds….”Come on, Dad, get with the times. Live a little. Relax. Have some fun.” The two boats could be on a collision course, and although the dad may turn the rudder a little bit to adjust the course of his straight line, the son wants, at least for now, the thrill of the speed boat. If the son is wise, he shall stay, or return fairly quickly to the schooner sailing with purpose and direction. If he is not wise, he will run the waters of life for his own self seeking, pleasure and entertainment…..just what I see…


    1. Hi, Jeff! Always so great to hear from you, bro! 😀 Yes, you are absolutely correct: the painting is different… mostly because it is an old piece and painted in Acrylic paint rather than in oil as I usually use. But it seemed to be subject material appropriate for Father’s Day, and so I posted it. 🙂 I love your interpretation of the painting! It has so much depth and wisdom. I may repaint this piece down the line in oil and with my improved painting skills. If I do, I will remember your words and write a post from the book of Proverbs to accompany it. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration! You’re the best! I hope your Father’s Day was extraordinarily wonderful, by the way!

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  3. Love the painting.
    I know you were a very devoted daughter to your father (and your mother).
    I enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day with the whole family . . .

    I loved my dad too . . 🙂

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    1. So wonderful to hear from you, my good friend!! I’m so glad that your Father’s Day was blessed! Your family is extremely blessed to have such a witty and loving Dad/grandfather in you! 🙂


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