Perfectly Loving AND Just

…is Our God.

Lynn Abbott_Bloom- Gordes, France

Blogging Note:  My dear friends, it seems no matter how hard I try to return to blogging on a regular basis that it just isn’t possible at the present time.

And so, I suspect that I will be posting briefly and periodically (but not as I did previously) until the time that God opens for me a clear path to regular blogging once more.  In the meantime, please forgive my infrequent posts.

Also, I will be closing comments for the duration because I do not wish to presume upon your time in any way by indirectly “suggesting” that you need to comment here. I simply wish to encourage you with God’s Word.

My current plan is to periodically post Scripture and paintings that serve to illustrate the incredible character of God until that time that I am able to write regular posts again.

Thank you for understanding.  When God indicated almost a year ago that I was to put my writing aside and focus on painting more in order to further build my art career, I had no idea where that would take me or how much time it would require.  But of course, when God calls, the absolute best choice is to follow Him. And so it goes with me…

For those readers of you who blog, please know that I am reading your posts whenever possible.  I truly miss you all.  May God bless you greatly!  In His love, Lynn

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