Pick-Me-Up: The Return of Eden

For Love of Waterfalls (best), copyright 2015, Lynn Abbott watermarked
© 2016 Lynn Abbott

“And he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street. And on either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nation.  And there shall no longer be any curse…” ~Revelation 22: 1-3a

© 2016 Lynn Abbott

In August, heavy traffic on our local roads and national highways signals one thing: summer nears its end. And as summer wanes, many of us begin to plan for autumn.

If you still have children at home, you have probably begun preparing for back-to-school. But even if you don’t have children at home, August nevertheless marks the end of the summer season.

I personally love the cooler temperatures and vibrant colors of autumn. Thus, I eagerly anticipate the new season.

However, mixed with the joy of baked apples, hidden in the brilliant red and orange foliage, and lingering in the golden late afternoon autumn light, a kind of sweet melancholy overtakes me.

Many loved ones no longer sit at our table; Abba has long since called them home.

In addition, as I watch annuals die and trees drop their leaves, I now understand that autumn inaugurates winter’s deep sleep.

Nature’s muffled sounds mark the coming snow.

Cold will smother our rural roads. And holiday lights will provide the only respite from the darkness.

Even so, their twinkle will remind me that in His grace, our heavenly Father has shortened those days. In His wise omniscience and omnipotence, He sets the boundary.

And in mid-winter, if I am still, I hear Abba whisper grace and hope.
Despite the lengthening shadows.

As I ponder the changing seasons, I’m especially grateful for Abba’s gentle reassurance and grace toward the human family.

Indeed, with news headlines underscoring our world’s growing gloom, it seems the shadows deepen.

But our Savior gently reminds us that in the midst of darkness, He walks with His beloved children.

Undoubtedly, we find comfort in His presence for He is the Light of the World. He has overcome darkness.

He said, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world,” (John 16:33).

But more than that, Christ also gives us hope for the future.

Winter is on its way, yes. But God’s ultimate Spring is coming—and with our Savior’s return, there will be a new heaven and earth.

What has died in winter’s cold, dark chill will one day resurrect in newness of life…

For Abba’s children, Christ will once more open the doors of Eden.

And so, even as shadows fall, you and I find extraordinary hope in this promise.