Pick-Me-Up: Choosing the Master

Watching for the Master, 14x18 Oil on Canvas, © 2017 Lynn AbbottStudios with copyright“…Choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD,”  ~Joshua 24:15

Yeah.  It’s absolutely apparent that we have been given the power to choose.

And just as obvious is the fact that many court us, seeking to influence our choice.  Many long to master us.

History, in fact, records many tragic instances of servitude.  I’m sure that’s why, for so many of us, the term “master” or “lord” typically conjures up negative images.

Indeed, for a lot of people the idea of serving God as Lord, submitting to Abba’s sovereignty, is a difficult one to accept.

I get that.

However, my relationship with my dog presents a positive picture of the word “master.”

In fact, Bentley benefits profoundly as my pup.  I doubt that he finds following me to be a hardship at all.

While I ask Bentley to follow my lead, I always intend his best. I work on his behalf.

Indeed, from me, my dog has nothing to fear.  Although, on occasion, I find I must correct Bentley, it is always for his benefit.

I enjoy spending time with him.  Thus, I am never harsh or unreasonable.  All that I do for Bentley I do in love.  And his life is good.

Because Bentley obeys my commands, he enjoys great freedom. Even when I am away, he may wander without restraint throughout my home.

Under my care, he is safe, protected…despite any gathering storm clouds.

I give him all that is good.

After all, that’s what a good master does.  And I am only an imperfect human master.

My son tells me that when I am away, it is nearly impossible to draw Bentley away from his post by the door. So great is Bentley’s love for me.  Without a doubt, he has chosen his master.

And Joshua said, “…choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…” (Joshua 25:15).

Choose.  Yeah, grace doesn’t require that we serve the Sovereign God, the great I AM, (John 8:58).

Yet, Grace invites you and me to follow the One whose love is greater than any other.