Revue: God Sees Beyond

© Lynn Abbott

 “…for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose,” Philippians 2:13 (NIV)

©2016 Lynn Abbott

People often ask me where artists get inspiration for their paintings.  I can’t answer for others, but I know that I often find glimmers of God’s grace in the world around me.

Of course, my life doesn’t always lend itself to painting outside (aka en plein air), and so a camera becomes a necessity.

Even so, I certainly don’t claim to be a photographer.   In fact, even though I snap photos during my travels, I am invariably disappointed with the outcome of my efforts.

Most of the time, my photographs only shadow the real thing.  Yet, as an artist, I have vision for all that a poor photo can become.

Yes, I can see beyond the less than ideal image. And in such cases, the transformation especially brings me delight…

I think Abba must feel the same way about my life.

While God patiently shapes my days, I can see nothing of any profound significance, color or vibrancy in me.

But Scripture reveals a God of Grace who does not see as humanity sees.  Fortunately for me, He sees beyond my imperfections to the beautiful image that He has planned for me.

Our Savior, in fact, delights in painting masterpieces from lives that seem ill-suited to inspire.

If we read without presuppositions, it becomes clear that the broken down, the dusty, the gray, the lackluster, and the insignificant populate the genealogy of Christ and fill the pages of Biblical history with vibrant color.

The liar Jacob, the braggart Joseph, the foreigner Ruth, the prostitute Rahab, the shepherd boy David, the laboring fisherman Peter, the embittered Saul of Tarsus, the wash-out John Mark, and the boy with five loaves and three small fish– all became a part of God’s magnificent composition.

And so it is that you and I may bring to Him our seemingly insignificant, brown paper, lunch bags.  After all, Abba glories in painting Masterpieces from the mundane.