Pick-Me-Up: Ever Present God

Autumn at Lake Sherando_20x20Oil_Lynn Abbott_PrintPortfolio“I am the LORD you God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go,” Isaiah 48:17b

© 2016 Lynn Abbott

As a young person, I mapped out my future.

My happy “hobbit” life would follow a predictable pattern. I settled on a college major, dreamed of my career path, and plotted my financials.

I calculated everything, including life’s vital variables. However, I did not bank on the power of our infinite God to change my course.

Apparently, Abba is not only in the business of creating but also of rearranging.

Perhaps, Sarai responded to change as I do. I wonder if she had a knee-jerk reaction when Abram announced that God, little known to her at the outset, had called them to an unknown country.

Did she roll her eyes and say, “Oy vey, there he goes again! That crazy husband of mine with his outlandish imagination is chasing dreams once more”?

Nevertheless, despite any misgivings, Sarai packed their bags, and together, they hit the road: Canaan or bust.

I’m sure the expedition seemed endless. She may have wondered if they would ever reach their destination, if they would ever settle.

At the very least, they both probably longed for the comforts of Ur.

After all, nomadic life had its ups and a great many downs.

As did their faith. Their travels repeatedly tested their convictions.

I relate to their journey. My faith certainly wobbles. Time and again, I gravitate toward shortcuts and attempt to secure God’s promises in my own way.

And in so doing, I attempt to hurry the happily-ever-after. Yeah, in my impatience, I frequently make a mess of things.

I’m thankful, though, that my omniscient, heavenly Father graciously redirects me.

He not only knows the best routes but He also sees my journey in its entirety. In fact, He’s already written the end of the story in His Book of Life.

Undoubtedly, there are days when the journey seems too great. Sometimes, the road sweeps us off our feet.

But Abraham’s life-story brings this comfort: God’s covenant with you and me never fails. He never forgets His promises.

He alone remains our constant in a world of unpredictable.